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CAAM - Atlantic Center of Modern Art  |  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

16 November 2023- 21 January 2024

The CAAM presents her photographic exhibition Other Voices, Other Cities / Otras voces, otras ciudades, which gathers the results of the workshop given by the artist in numerous cities around the world since 2009, first held in the city of Havana, and later, among others, in Johannesburg, London, Bern, Berlin, New York, Istanbul…

This workshop, which subtly and attentively listens to the voices of other people, from other cities, took place at the CAAM last July. The artist proposes an open and sincere dialogue, a discussion about the phrase that, through a process of interaction and consensus, can define what living in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria means for the workshop collective. What could be the message that describes the character of this city?

The phrase is handcrafted collaboratively and with simple materials, while the artist explores the city to find the appropriate location to display the message. The chosen location was La Laja beach. The artist Leandro Betancor captured this historic moment with his camera.

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