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Not Unworthy, 1992

The Hottentot, 1992

Dinner is Ready, 1992

Contemplation, 1992

Zulu Warrior, 1992

The Band, 1996

Ricksha, 1996

The ‘pages' in this series are derived from a brochure published in 1936 by the South African government department responsible for promoting tourism overseas. The promise is of ‘a veritable tourist paradise. Here the traveler encounters a remarkable conglomerate of races, varying from the most backward and primitive to the most virile and intelligent of the dark-skinned tribes.’


In each of the seven pages, words are taken directly from the text and etched into the steel frames. The subjects are ‘imprisoned’ by the pseudo scientific language, and separated from the viewer event further by the screening device of chains and barbed wire. 


Pages from a Government Tourist Brochure series

Steel, extruded acetate, archival digital print, wood, copper, wire mesh

53 x 45 cm

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