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   All Our Mothers

   From the Inside

   Last Supper at Manley Villa

   Other Voices, Other Cities

   The Havana Series


Last Supper at Manley Villa, 1981
Archival prints on cotton rag

50 x 67.5 cm each


In terms of a 1966 proclamation under the Group Areas Act, District Six had been declared for whites only, and 60 000 residents of mixed race were moved out. On August 2, 1981, Naz and Harry Ebrahim had celebrated Eid with their family and friends at Manley Villa for the last time. The first ten photographs in this portfolio were taken on and around that day. A few months after that, the comfortable family home was demolished. The last photograph in the portfolio was taken in 2008 and records the empty spot where Manley Villa once stood.

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