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   All Our Mothers

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   Last Supper at Manley Villa

   Other Voices, Other Cities

   The Havana Series


Other Voices_Delhi-2

Other Voices_Delhi-2

Who is Johannes? Johannesburg, 2009

Zuva rabudirepi? (For whom has the sun risen?) Harare, 2009

You're free once you know the rules, London, 2009

El bloqueo esta tambien en la mente (The blockade is also in the mind) Havana, 2009

Even nothing works, Bern, 2009

It's a bit suspicious if you have too much money, Berlin, 2010

I mean where else are you gonna go? New York, 2011

Youth facing history, Krakow, 2011

Istanbul is relentless, Istanbul, 2011

It's a mistake to ask for advice, Naples, 2012

No time to stroll, Hong Kong, 2013

What does it mean to choose to live in a particular place?  if there is one message that could express the essential character of that city, what would it be? In this ongoing series, Sue Williamson works by setting up a workshop of young residents, and asking them this question. Participants vote on the most popular statement, the letters are made up and painted, an appropriate location is chosen, and the message is photographed.

Other Voices, Other Cities

Pigment inks on archival cotton rag paper

Dimensions variable

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